Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Protection for Your Healthy Hair


Dry and damaged hair is often experienced by us because the excessive use of modern technology including hairdryer, hair straighteners, curling tongs and clips. Many people do not consider the harm that caused excessive heat to their hair, and continues to misuse the hair every day.

Today modern hair styling equipment is necessary, but there are ways to protect your hair before using those equipments. Hair is made from hard fibrous protein called keratin. Keratin in our hair can be damaged due to many factors. Besides being caused by a hairdryer, straightener and curling tongs, there are also other factors that cause dry and damaged hair. Your diet could be one factor so your hair should be supplemented with fish oil such as salmon and tuna that are beneficial for the hair.
In addition, the selection of shampoo and conditioner should be considered regarding to your hair type, whether your hair is dry or oily. Because some shampoo can strip away essential oils that need by dry hair. Use a mild shampoo and attention to the roots and scalp.
Health is not just for your hair but also your body. If you want to get slim and beautiful body, you can try weight loss body wraps. It can help tighten the skin, improving blood circulation, detoxify the body and helps remove fats from the body naturally. Body wraps can work in two stages: absorption and squeezing (compaction) on your body.

Post Title Protection for Your Healthy Hair

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